Thursday, March 28, 2019

How 220 Volts Appliances Are Efficient For Global Use?

220 Volt Appliances

Are you looking for appliances and electronics that can work anywhere in the world, there is no better choice than a 220 volt electronics range. With more than 11 years of experience in selling quality electronic products at guaranteed lowest prices. East-West has a variety of 220 volt appliances starting from Multisystem TVs, Region Free Blu-Ray players, dryers, washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, kitchen appliances and voltage converters. Our inventory helps you find exactly you need for any application.

How can East-West be beneficial to you?

•    In case you already live in a country that uses 220 or 240 volts of electricity, then you are about to see a bigger and better selection of appliances than you can find at local stores, plus you will see worldwide shipping at your doorstep.

• Are looking to move overseas? Well, then our relocation team will help you decide what exactly you need and you can purchase it all at one location. The shipping can be done in advance at the new place you are shifting to, before your arrival.

•    Suppose you need voltage converters to power your external electronics or appliances in various countries safely we can help you with that too.  As we provide with voltage converters of all styles and sizes. Varying from 500 watts to 25,000 watts.

•    In case you are looking for a multisystem TV or Region-Free Player that could be used anywhere in the world. You are the right place, as we have a massive selection at the lowest prices anywhere.

If you are working overseas for work or retirement or merely looking for the best deal and selection on 220-volt appliances.   We have the latest and most popular models from the top brands like GE, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Yamaha, Whirlpool, Oppo, Panasonic, LG, Vonshef, KitchenAid and more. You can find these brands in major outlet stores at a higher price with 220/240 volt compatibility.

Anything you need, it is shipped to you. The 220 Volt electronics are here to solve all your appliances problem while relocating. You want a 220 volt coffee maker or juice? You need a new deep freezer to freeze those supper popsicles or a washer/dryer combo or 6-burner gas range for the chef inside you. We have a 4k Ultra-HD home theater system that could be used anywhere in the world without messy converters and adapters. We are happy to help, with the biggest selection anywhere with guaranteed lowest pricing. You can visit our website today to browse our entire inventory of products and you can get the service you expect.

We are major suppliers of 220-volt electronics, appliances and converters around the globe. The other electronic 220-volt range includes electric commercial fryers, Dehumidifiers, Ice Makers, Water Heaters Tankless Water Heaters, Wine Coolers and Beverage Centers, Warming Drawer, Ice Makers, etc. These are just a few appliances to mention. All your electronic needs can be fulfilled at one stop. Stop worrying about your electronic needs, we will take care of your devices while relocating.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Know More about International Relocation of Electronics and Appliance

In case you are relocating overseas, you are aware that it involves a lot of planning and preparation. Apart from dealing with passports, visas banking and getting a home in a new country, you will also have to deal with furnishing in your new living space.

Adjusting in a foreign country is difficult with a new space and making the new space feel like home. You can spend time and money shopping the necessary amenities like beds, appliances, electronics and more which can be a little more overwhelming in an unknown location. There are many options to ease the transition phase.

Many of you are unaware of the fact that different regions in the world have different standards for electricity utilization. This means you need to follow electricity standards for different regions.
In the USA and North America, 120 volt is standard electricity. This means that electricity in the USA and North America is fed of 120 volts, that means all the electronic appliances sold in America are designed for 120-volt usage.

In regions like Europe or Asia, the standard electricity voltage is 220 volts and most of the electronics are manufactured as per the electricity operating standard of the region. That means if you are shifting to Asia and Europe you need to purchase all electronics that are manufactured to run at that voltage.

Basically, electronics can operate only at the voltage they are designed to operate on. Your attempt to use electronic devices higher or lower than the standard voltage can give you a sock or cause a fire. You cannot take the electronics with you while migrating to a new country. If you are planning to simply take the electronic device with you while moving, well its waste of money in extra baggage at the airport.

You can minimize the stress of purchasing the appliances and electronics in a foreign country where you may end up paying higher prices with limited choices. It is far easier to buy these items online on a reputable site where they specialize in delivering electronics and appliances to a relocated place. You can save time and money. You can select a broader range of appliances consulting a professional in your native language.

With this step, you will be sure that everything has been taken care of and relieve you of the stress of relocating. Your relocation expert will take care of "plug & play" in your relocated destination. Suppose you need plug adaptors or special cables for your appliances, well your consultant will be the first person to tell you and most of the cases they will provide it for free.

Now you have the overall idea about appliances and electronics while relocating. Now the question is whether you would want to purchase it after going there or purchase them beforehand.  Do you know the native language of the new country? Are you well aware of the area you are moving in? Are you okay with whatever is available and able to choose from a variety of collection? If your answer is no, well then you need to opt for the second option.

How can you do this? You need a reputable company specializing in 220 volt electronics and appliances. Well, East-West is one such reputable company you are looking for. We are experienced players in the field for more than 10 years in assisting people with 220 volts electronics.

We ensure the latest technology is delivered at your doorstep. Call us today! 

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Best Smart Appliances Trending In This Age

In the age of smart technology, many intelligent appliances in the world are full of a competitive market. The market is so total of smart appliances. When deciding on the best tools for you, it depends on your preferences and the appliances you use. Example- If you are not a tea person, purchasing a smart kettle is not your first choice of intelligent appliance.

There are so many appliances you can choose from. Now you can decide the appliances you want to buy from the list below.

The Skybell HD

The Skybell HD

The Skybell HD is an updated, modernized doorbell. The difference to your average doorbell is that you can say who is at your front door, hear them talk and talk to them without moving your body.

Skybell is a secure and safe making it far less likely for the unknown to enter your home. You have the option whether you want to answer the door or no. Skybell HD is night vision friendly which allows you to see strangers during the night at your front door and identify them.

You can re-wind or re-watch any of the old footage. It also has free cloud storage.

Tesla Home Car Charging

Tesla Home Car Charging

In the era electric car if you own one, then you will know the value of charging a vehicle at home. The Tesla Car Charger is the most effective charger. When you wake up, you will see 250 miles running capacity in your car. Apart from excellent performance, it is visually the most appealing car charger.

The sleek design is one piece of simple machinery mounted on the wall. This means it does not cause any eye sores and is easy for installation.


App Kettle

If you are a fancy tea drinker and do not want to miss your favorite TV show at the same time well, it is time you invest in hanging around the kettle. You have been heard by God's technology. The Appkettle is one of the world's only smart pots.

Just connect to your smartphone via an app. You can turn the kettle on with the app and set specific temperatures in the comfort of your drawing room. Enjoy your favorite hot drinks with the touch of a button.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Now we are talking about the AI, the voice recognition device. Your personal talking assistance with a combined speaker.

Now callout Alexa to switch off your lights, set alarms, play your favorite music and ask burning questions. The Amazon Echo is a friendly tool to have around the corner as your personal assistant. Give up the hassle of searching online.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue

This is the most popular and upcoming smart LED lighting technology. Connect your Smartphone to the Philips LED Hue connects to your Smartphone and allows you to turn your property lights on or before you reach home.

Imagine you are in your comfort zone, relaxing and unwinding in the evening with a great ambiance and good mood with different lighting and settings experience.

So, in the smart era, you can begin transforming your property into a smart home. In an intelligent age, it is time to shift to smart electronic appliances. Ensure that you have high home wiring to install smart appliances.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Buy AC's In the Coming Summers with East West International?

Split AC
Summers are right around the corner and soon the mercury will soaring temperatures. This is where you decide to buy an air conditioner. Global warming has brought us to a stage where we need to buy AC's.

March is around the corner, which means it is time to get ready for humid summers soon. If you don't have air conditioning or looking to upgrade your current one for those hotter days and nights. If you are already living in a country providing standard 220 volt electricity, then you need to purchase a 220 volts air conditioner to keep your summers cool. The cost of electronics is far more as compared in different parts of the world as compared to North America.

Here Are Some Different Types of Split AC's

Wall Split AC

Wall Split Air Conditioner

This is the most straightforward decision to make, selecting a Split AC.  Depending on the size and layout of your space or house you have you can want to install a Wall Split AC. A wall split AC just needs a hole behind your AC and can be installed on any of the side walls.

Floor or Under Ceiling Split Air Conditioners

Floor or Under Ceiling Split Air Conditioners

A floor or ceiling mounted air conditioner is the most flexible option for those who have lower ceilings or small rooms. As you can choose any area of your room to install this AC.  The floor-ceiling AC has a double auto-swings, Simpler installation and low ambient operations.

Ductless Split Air Conditioners

Ductless Split Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners are the most usable ACs in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. They are a standard option for multifamily housing. They are an excellent choice for room additions and small apartments. A ductless air conditioner, you can have a better interior design at your work or home. The indoor air handlers are suspended from the ceiling or can be hung on the wall.

You have a selection of 220-volt air conditioners. You can choose from split systems, mini-splits and multi-splits from various brands like Frigidaire, LG, Samsung, Sharp, etc. You can get a range of air conditioners in the 220 volt AC range. There are many houses in different countries using old air conditioners consuming more electricity. Shop online at East West international we have a vast range of 220-volt air conditioners.