Monday, November 30, 2020

Bosch SMS25AW00E Dishwasher: Features and Benefits

Today's dishwashers are cheaper, quieter, and less bulky. Everything for an unmatched cleaning quality! They have only one mission; it is to provide all possible comfort. Dishwashers can also be cleaned more efficiently and are more hygienic. Dishwashers are a must in a large office and family settings.

There are a plethora of dishwashers on the market, so it's worth doing your research before buying. Talk to friends and family and see what devices they have good luck with. Reading the Bosch SMS25AW00E review online is a great way to find the best dish for your needs and budget. Let's see what East West International has in the account for you.

Features of Bosch SMS25AW00E Dishwasher

Bosch SMS25AW00E Dishwasher, with a capacity of 12 space settings, is equipped with the VarioSpeed option: 2 times faster, and an Eco Silence Drive motor. Its energy class A + is 10% more economical than a class A model.

VarioSpeed ​​Option 

This function allows you to wash up to two times faster while maintaining efficiency in washing and drying.

Eco Silence Drive

This motorized dishwasher has an eco-silence drive motor developed with a permanent magnet that eliminates any friction. So it is tranquil and energy-efficient.

Aqua Sensor

Thanks to the infrared cell, this intelligent system improves the temperature and water consumption throughout the cycle, depending on the vessels' degree of soiling.

Intensive Program

SMS25AW00E is the best Bosch dishwasher for washing heavily soiled pots and pans. The bottom compartment's water pressure has been increased by 20%, while the upper basket benefits from a classic wash.

MaxiPerformance Product Box

This system ensures gradual and complete dissolution of the tablet as the rinsing arm sprays each pass for optimal rinsing. This results in spotless dishes regardless of the detergent used.

3 in 1 Auto System

It recognizes and adapts to all detergents, i.e., powder, gel, and multifunction tablets.

Super Shine System

Glasses and sensitive objects are protected during the wash cycle. It effectively fights against the hardness of the water that dulls the glasses.

Vario Baskets

There is a height-adjustable upper basket to accommodate larger plates in the lower basket.

Delayed Departure 

Program these 220 volt appliances to be started in advance to benefit from "off-peak" rates.

Remaining Time Display 

It's convenient and tells you how long the dishwasher has to finish the cycle. For safety, take advantage of AquaStop 100% leak-proof safety. The water supply automatically shuts off in the event of a leak or the absence of water. 

Benefits of Using This 220 Volt Bosch Dishwasher

The benefits of using a dishwasher are mainly for convenience, as you do not have to wash your dishes by hand. If you are busy or have a large family, a dishwasher saves time and effort in washing dishes by hand. Its other benefits are:

Water Savings: It uses less than 10 liters of water on average, compared to 50 liters for washing dishes by hand.

Limited Electricity Consumption: Thanks to its economic model, the dishwasher consumes little energy. All this is truer if it is equipped with an "intelligent program" that can control its consumption depending on the number of dishes loaded and the degree of mating.

Saves Time and Space: Washing by hand takes about 11 days a year! You'd be doing something different all the time. The dishes no longer have to be dragged to the sink or dryer, and your kitchen will always be tidy!

Design: Give your kitchen a new feel with models from the Bosch brand. With their rounded curves and flashy colors, it's a real throwback to the past.

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Benefits of FoodSaver V2240 Vacuum Bag Sealer from East West International

Vacuum sealers are one of the kitchen utensils that you don't know how much you'll use until you buy them. Vacuum seals are one of the best ways to store food and have many advantages. Use vacuum sealers to store food, seal bottles, protect against corrosion, reseal bags, and prepare for emergencies.

In today's market, various countertops and various handheld vacuum sealers are more available than ever, covering all price ranges. You can find both portable and built-in vacuum sealers. Most vacuum sealers on the market are portable types such as FoodSaver V2240. It features a vacuum chamber, fully adjustable extraction, and vacuum, marinating, sealing, and air return features. It can basically be installed in your kitchen and is ready whenever you need it.

How does this FoodSaver V2240 Vacuum Bag Sealer work?

Vacuum packaging machines suck the air out of a plastic bag or container and seal it to prevent the air from coming back. When sealing soft or juicy items in plastic freezer bags, it is best to freeze them for a few hours before vacuum sealing. These 220 appliances prevent food from being dry during the vacuuming process. Vacuum sealing perfectly protects the content from oxygen, liquids, and insects.

Who All can Use these 220 Electronics Regularly?

It may surprise you that vacuum sealing is no longer just for large families. Many vacuum seal users include hunters, people living alone, seniors, settlers, preparers, travelers, homeowners, businesses, and families.

Benefits of FoodSaver V2240 Vacuum Bag Sealer

Food is a precious commodity. That's why it's vital to get the most out of it and vacuum sealing of foods to help achieve this. Food waste is reduced, and the food sold and consumed is stored, preserved, and high-quality taste is maintained for a long time.

The Preservation of Food

The main advantage of vacuum sealing is that the food remains in good condition for a long time. From the commercial point of view, it limits the amount of money lost due to potential spoilage. From the domestic point of view, this means that families can buy food in bulk and store it, which will save money.

The Protection of Food

Vacuum sealing doesn't just preserve food; it also helps protect it. Using this type of packaging will help prevent freezer burns. It also helps maintain moisture in foods and keep them from drying out.

The Presentation of Food 

Food retailers want to make the products they sell look good in order to attract customers. Vacuum-sealed products mean that the package's fresh contents can be fully displayed, attracting potential buyers' attention. 

The Extension of Shelf Life 

The leading benefit retailers get from vacuum seals is longer shelf life. It's been on the shelves for a long time, and it looks fresh, so it's selling well. 

Comfortable and Practical Food Storage 

It is important to store adequate food at home to get value for money and avoid waste as much as possible. Most vacuum-sealed foods can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks and in the freezer for 2-3 years. Another vital advantage of storage is that vacuum-sealed food takes up less space. 

Retention of Taste Quality 

Vacuum sealing helps maintain the moisture content of the food. This means that the food tastes fresh and juicy. This is an essential benefit for people buying food to eat and for retailers who want their food to be attractive to shoppers. 

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

220-240Volt Electrolux Chest Freezer: Uses and Benefits

The Electrolux Chest Freezer is one of the most suitable products available on the market today, as it can save you money in the long run, too. A chest freezer allows you to take advantage of daily perishable items and seasonal berries and jams to freeze and store sufficient amounts of meat to prepare other meals.

Whenever you open your freezer door and have no room for ice cream or a block of frozen meat sticks on your fingers, you must have considered buying a chest freezer for your restaurant or home. Whatever your reason, these 220 electronics are a wise investment for those who want to add storage space to their food. Read more to find out some of the benefits of having a chest freezer.

Energy Efficient

These chest freezers come with built-in sidewall insulation to keep their temperature cool for longer and use less energy to operate. More importantly, if you are experiencing a power outage or moving to another home, an unplugged chest can keep the freezer products cool for about three days until the lid is closed.

The market is filled with a wide selection of 220V appliances in USA. This type of differentiation may be due to the evaluation of the energy efficiency of such a chest freezer and the prosperous functional characteristics that make life easier for the buyer.

Money Savings

Buying a chest-free freezer requires a significant amount of money but can save you money in the long run. As the hot air rises, when you open the chest freezer, no cold air can escape, reducing energy bills. The chest freezer's upper door is always being pulled down by gravity, keeping the seal tight and preventing cold air from escaping. When a blackout occurs, food can be frozen for up to 72 hours after the chest loses its freezer power!

Ample Storage Space

A chest freezer that can hold plenty of food and other products is invincible when it comes to space consumption. There are two types of freezers available in the market, chest freezer and straight freezer. Both versions have their strengths and weaknesses, so you need to make a careful decision when choosing the best version of your unit's freezer.

However, one of the significant benefits of using a chest freezer is its ability to adapt to more massive objects. The lack of shelves makes it relatively easy to fit in a large object such as a turkey, and many chest freezers have 20% more usable space than an upright freezer. So, if you plan to store large items, this type of freezer will give you a great deal of utility.

Maintain Health Standards

Commercial kitchens must adhere to specific health and safety rules, such as keeping food at the correct temperature, keeping raw food and finished food separate, without cross-contamination.

Freezer Burn

Chest freezers usually store food at a constant temperature. This means you can freeze things for a long time without any problems. This is due to the need for manual defrosting; less air circulates in the freezer, which reduces scaling. Besides, the door does not store food, the temperature of which may differ from the temperature inside.


The Chest Freezer takes a longer lifecycle due to the way it is designed. They do not overheat, no liquid problem, and are designed with long-term use in mind. The chest freezer is expected to last between 15 and 20 years.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Uses and Needs for 220-240 Volt Paper Shredder

Shredding or destroying documents is vital to keep confidential and sensitive information secure. Most of us create and store files with sensitive content. Examples include invoices, financial reports, marketing plans, employee files, and even distribution packages. Government offices, non-profit organizations, large corporations, small businesses, and individuals use a heavy duty paper shredder that cut the paper into strips or delicate pieces.

Paper shredders 220-240 V are as direct a product as you can get. The name says it the all-this machine will shred your paper. Of course, shredders don't have to be limited to paper; there are special slicers for various content. East West International has the best paper shredder under $100 for sale.

Innovative Uses for 220-240 V Paper Shredders at Home

Paper Shred Mulch

People composite their shredded paper when they don't know what else to do with it, but some people go a step further and deliberately cut the paper so it can be used for biological purposes. You all know that paper is much less expensive than mulch, but do you know you can use it similarly? If you have junk mail or newspaper lying around and send it through a shredder, pieces can be placed around your trees and shrubs to keep them healthy. Surprisingly, shredded paper is a suitable and environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of weed control.

Animal Bedding

If you have a small pet and an old credit card statement, why not remove your two to-do items at once? Those who pet hamsters, gerbils you, and other rodents can use a cheap paper shredder to create a box for their little friends. Instead of putting the newspaper or unwelcome sheets, shred the newspaper into strips that your hamster will love prowl and burrow. Shredding a newspaper is cheaper than going to a pet store. East West International has a range of variety of the best paper shredder for home use.

Uses of 220-240 V Paper Shredders for Commercial Purpose

Compliance by Law

We all have the right to the protection of personal information. In fact, some laws punish the improper disposal of documents with confidential and sensitive content. Firms that own personal data but neglect to protect it face financial and legal consequences. For example, employers use the best paper shredder of 220-240 V from East West International to eliminate employees' files that are no longer in use.

Prevent Identity Theft

The theft of identity information is widespread and is becoming a significant threat to the Internet's advent. Improperly processed name and address shipping boxes can pose a potential danger. The use of paper shredders and similar devices by organizations and individuals to prevent personal theft and fraud is considered a "best practice".

Prevent Fire Hazard

Stacks of paper create clutter and increase the risk of fire. Offices are required to continuously dispose of these documents as part of an organization-related records management system. Many offices purchase 220-240 V paper shredders and assign an employee who takes care of paper documents' proper disposal.

Save Mother Nature by Avoiding Paper Use

Many trees are chopped to make paper. To protect forests, people advocate a "cruiser society" and use paper as a last resort. The practice of sustainable agriculture fulfills the need for raw materials in papermaking. Another method of forest conservation is to reuse and recycle strips and pieces from paper shreds.

We hope that these points helped you understand the importance of using paper shredders. East West International offers a variety of different models for paper shredding. You can find the full range of 220-240 V paper shredders. Visit our appliance stores in Houston TX or call us on +1 713-789-6611 to get answers to your shredder questions.

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Why You Should Buy a 220-240 Volt Built in Oven?

Kitchen appliances have been modernized to provide integrated design elements. Devices no longer are just black and white. You can choose from a variation of vibrant colors, metals, finishes, and design features to create a consistent living space.

A central theme of any functional kitchen is the oven. The oven is an indispensable device, especially during the holidays or when you are hosting large parties. If you are preparing to rebuild your kitchen or are just starting to build a new home, you should consider installing the best built in oven.

Cover Your Basics on a 220-240 Volt Built in Oven

With the advancement of technology, the oven with Built in OTG is also a kitchen appliance with many changes. These Built in ovens are famous for their clean and healthy dishes. Cooking is effortless and fun! The Built in oven has all the futuristic designs and features that make it easier for homemakers to cook. It's easy for them to cook—a unique appliance with three elements: oven, toaster, and grill.

Its sleek design and many features make it a staple in any kitchen. So, check out the Built in ovens that perfectly complement your kitchen and your cooking skills. High durability steel brush body and convection function, soft handles, bright lighting, electronic ignition system, an integrated grill that cooks and grills dishes perfectly.

What are the Benefits of Buying a 220-240 Volt Built in Oven?

Easy Access

This is an obvious one. Built in ovens are designed ergonomically. No longer you have to bend down to check the food or the risk of pulling hot and heavy food out of the oven. Wall ovens are installed at eye level so that the chef can feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Seamless Design

Lower back wall ovens offer home kitchens, with Built in designs a great batch for those remodeling or renovating kitchens. Built in ovens look smooth, sleek, and manageable. When it comes to Built in ovens, East West International has cornered the market. It specializes in world-class design with high-tech features for the best deals on built in electric ovens in the industry.

Cooking Capacity

A range of double Built in ovens is also offered. This luxurious setting is a family's dream of spending time in the kitchen. You can now use two sizeable double capacity ovens. Homeowners also have the option of combining their full-size Built in oven with a smaller half oven to give you additional space without taking up an entire area on your kitchen wall.

Tips for Buying a 220-240 Volt Built in Oven:

  • Compact and full size are two options, so depending on your needs and location in the kitchen, you can buy one.
  • Various oven functions or Built in facilities are different. Hence, it is important to consider and understand the features before buying.
  • The Built in oven allows you to program the cooking time. Example: Some dishes and foods require 100% power at the start or the beginning and 10% at the end. Make sure you can set it accordingly.
  • Before you buy a Built in oven, it's essential to research the brands that make them, as each brand has different features, prices, and specifications.
  • Reading reviews is beneficial for today's customers because it gives them a satisfactory conclusion before purchasing any product or device. Reviews can be read online and offline.

East West International presents a never-ending collection of Built in ovens from leading brands like AEG, Elba by Fisher and Paykel, Whirlpool, and many other such names. Visit our website to get 220-240 Volts Built in ovens today and get rid of the old and traditional cooking methods.

Ovens of a capacity of 43 liters to 73 liters are available with us as per your kitchen size and need. East West International offers you the built in oven for sale at the fantastic offers and cut down prices. So go for it today!

Friday, September 25, 2020

6 Machinery Tools to Have in Your Industry

Machinery Tools or widely known as Power Tools for any worker working in an industry is like what air is to man. Power tools are devices that help workers speed up other tedious tasks and reduce their effort simultaneously.

These are indispensable, and no worker can claim to have never used them. Whether you use cordless drills or circular saws, power tools are used in various ways and are popular today in all possible industrial, manufacturing, or workshops.

Some of the most widely used industries for Machinery tools are shipbuilding, construction, carpentry, aviation, and factories. Engineering schools also host these types of equipment to give students a direct experience.

East West International Lists 6 Machinery Tools, One must-have

Angle Grinders

The 220-240 Volt Angle Grinder power tool is used in a variety of applications. You can equip different types of discs. Each disc type specializes in cutting, grinding, and polishing a variety of materials and surfaces.

Workers working in all situations will have to deal with metal surfaces someday. Angle grinders are included in the list of essential power tools for this very reason.

Band saw

A band saw is a multipurpose power tool for woodworking. The mechanical guts of the band saw are pretty old fashioned. However, it can provide all kinds of outlines and shapes of wood that few other tools can.

Despite being used for artistic and precision crosscuts, this 220-240 Volt 50/60Hz Band Saw is also on hand for cutting wood into small pieces. For the same reason, it is one of the most popular power tool band saws in Houston, TX.

Cordless Tools

Today, many electrical devices are specially designed to facilitate free and unobtrusive hand movement and ease of operation, avoiding cables and ropes.

For example, the Cordless Drill of 220-240 Volt is controlled by rechargeable batteries and is widely used to install and remove screws - so much so that it replaces the screwdriver. It is also used to drill pilot holes in wooden boards, which are very prone to breakage with the slightest pressure.

Drill Presses

The Drill Presses of 220-240 Volt has a table in a perfectly flat position that allows you to drill a perfectly straight hole accurately and without fatigue.

Drilling machines have a rotary speed controller and can also replace drills for small or large tip bits. This is hard to do with a portable drill.

One of the crucial benefits of the drill is that its tips can be replaced with various attachments, such as round drum grinding crowns for grinding wood. This makes the drill press a versatile power tool that exceeds the routine work of drilling.

Jig Saw

It would help if you had a jigsaw to cut different shapes and make round patterns for you. It is useful for cutting lines and designs that are not straight. For more flexibility, you should buy a corded saw, especially with an orbital action.

Also, the 220-240 Volt Jig Saw comes with an easy-to-replace blade system. Therefore, whenever the saw does not work well, you have the freedom to replace the blade yourself. Features to watch out for with jigsaws include tip guards, dust collectors, and blade quality.

Bench Grinders

Bench grinders, as the name implies, are fixed grinders. It is mainly used to sharpen tools quickly and easily. Cleaning becomes easy because all you need is a diamond cleaning tool or a wire brush.

If you have plenty of tools to sharpen, a 220-240 Volt Bench Grinder is a perfect tool to keep in your arsenal. Alternatively, you may want to consider a belt sander that comes with a disc grinder. It works to speed up the device evenly.

Final Thoughts

Power tools are, in fact, of great help. However, they must be used with great care. When purchased from trusted manufacturers, these power tools come with safety manuals that detail their use. The most reliable power tool dealers are East West International in Houston, TX. Careless handling with a power tool can be life-threatening!

Friday, September 4, 2020

220 Volt Best Breakfast Appliances for Your Kitchen

In recent times, many people are choosing to live, work, and retire abroad. One of the most significant stresses and strains of moving to a foreign country is making your home feel like "home" - and there are several ways to achieve this.

One of the important things about feeling comfortable and capable in your new home is the ability to cook and prepare food with the same tools that you have always used.

No one can deny the fact that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Breakfast, which literally means breaking the fast, provides our body with essential nutrients that keep us energetic and keep us going throughout the day. But because of the weekday morning rush, preparing for a massive spread for breakfast is an impossible task; Therefore, people opt for prepared foods such as toast, sandwiches, oatmeal, smoothies, and quick and quick easy.

We Introduce 5 Breakfast 220 V Appliances You Must Have in Your Kitchen

220 Volt Electric Kettle

Numerous people cannot start their day without hot detox water or a hot cup of tea. A kettle makes this work more accessible. The next thing you do is add a little water into the kettle and turn on the button.

The fun part is that it turns off automatically. Even when you are doing other things, the water is ready.

220 Volt Coffee Maker

Since ages, people have been divided into two groups: tea lovers and coffee addicts. As coffee lovers, you can't start your day without a strong cup of coffee.

Usually, to make coffee, you need to mix boiling water, coffee, and sugar. Most importantly, stand in front of the gas until the coffee is ready. However, coffee makers skip almost all steps—everything you need to turn on and a cup of hot coffee will be ready soon. The same is true in your absence.

220 Volts Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are generally known for making rice. But do you know that it also helps prepare oats and porridge? Porridge can be made quickly with a pressure cooker, but you need to be careful and turn off the gas in that case.

But in the case of a rice cooker, it shuts off automatically. With the help of a rice cooker, you can get ready for work while preparing breakfast.

220 Volts Bread Maker

Unlike bread makers 10 years ago, machines today have many settings. They don't just make white bread. And they are more reliable.

Baking bread at home was once a time-consuming process without a bread maker. In many cases, bread does not come to what we want. With a bread maker, the aroma of bread fills your home and you can eat delicious and fresh bread every day.

220 Volts Blender

With the increasing number of health problems that result from an unhealthy lifestyle, it is important to take proper steps to stay healthy. Including green smoothies in your diet is one of the easiest ways to keep fit. All you need are some healthy green vegetables along with a good grinder and blender.

Most of us love to have a glass of fruit juice in the morning. The blender helps fulfill that wish. You can also find portable juicers on the market that make a glass of fresh juice anytime and on the go. These blenders also help you make fruit-based smoothies.

Go for it

Take a look around and find some kitchen appliances that can help you make a quick breakfast in the morning. Thanks for the advent of technology. The best part is that all these 220 volt small kitchen appliances are affordable and easily cleanable. So you can pick them up and make your snack easy. Stay healthy, stay safe!