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Why Having 220 Volt Cooking Range are a Spectrum of Saving

220 Volt Cooking Range

Your cooking range is perhaps one of the most often used appliances in your home. As a result, it can account for a significant amount of the energy used in your home.

The excellent news is- that there are ways to cook more efficiently on your range. This article will serve as a primer to assist you to keep enjoying the utilization of your spectrum but at significant savings.

When choosing an electric appliance, there are numerous differences to reflect on. Each range type has its benefits, so selecting the precise one for your home comes down to your kitchen priorities, like an easy to clean stove over something healthier and better for cooking.

Maximizing your energy savings broadens to your choice of cookware: It's a comparison based on a lot of characteristics and details, and thus the decision here tends to be purely subjective. However, let's flip over the range of cooking our inventory holds;

Savings embark on with the purchase. Just as is the case with virtually any tool, the particular type that you buy can make a massive difference in the energy savings.

To help with your decision making trait, here are the top five benefits of electric cooking stoves.

Top 5 Advantages of an Electric - Cooking Range

1. Primary Cost

Unless your kitchen is already operational with lines for a gas oven, it will be economical upfront to install an electric range. Electric stoves cost less than gas stoves of comparable quality. Depending on the sort of cooktop and the aspects you need, electric stoves are offered in an assorted slab of prices to meet your budgetary circle and cooking requirements.

2. Clean ability

Cleaning is a gust if you have an electric range with a smooth top. Clutters from cooking can be wiped from the flat surface in seconds. On traditional electric stoves, you can take away the drip pans and coils to quickly clean the cooktop and the bottom surface.

3. Even Heating

The electric heating components of conventional ovens are known for their even and dry baking. They are used as a fan to pass the hot air and bake even more efficiently, which eliminates the likelihood of hotspots and facilitates with even cooking.

4. Energy Efficient

Electric cooktops use an elevated percentage of the energy they consume to cook. An induction cooktop braced with magnetic cookware is the most resourceful appliance and can boil water almost twice as swift as a regular stove.
All thanks to electromagnetic technology. This means you will make the most use of the energy you pay for.

5. Use Plastic Refrigerator Bins

Safety in the kitchen is always the top priority to consider, especially in households with children.
Electric ranges usually come with a feature of hot surface- indicator light, and induction cooktops will only heat the region the pot is touching, leaving the remaining of the cooktop harmless to touch.

Need not to be anxious about malfunctioning of gas leaks or pilot lights.


Guard your cooking range like you make any investment in your home. A home warranty from East West International will give you peace-of-mind, knowing that if you're planning to purchase an electric ware/Stove which will suit your kitchen Interior, you can always browse our 220 Volt Cooking range list and assuredly you will find the perfect cooking ware.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Reasons - Why East West International Built-In Ovens Can Transform Your Kitchen?

Built-In Microwave Ovens - Eastwest International

Bake, Cook or grill away!

As the most demanding dishes are cooked to perfection almost automatically. Moreover, the Microwave ovens does the trick here.  

Built-in microwave ovens are growing its popularity day by day. Also, we at East West International with our comprehensive array of Microwave ovens have become the renowned E-commerce portal across the world.

Are you not convinced yet?

The kitchen is the queen of every home. 

Having said that people mostly prefer a modular kitchen which not only adds value to the d├ęcor of the kitchen but also comes with its own set of benefits. To top it all and we at East West International strive to keep the streamline of our clientele and consumer intact and thus mentioned below are few aspects which will help you make a decision for grabbing a built-in microwave oven from our range of integrated appliances which are in soaring demand due to its space-saving abilities and long-lasting utilities.

As we move forward will host all our readers with a series of benefits and a list of built-in microwave ovens the East West International is equipped

Let's begin with the perks they procure;


The chief advantage of integrated appliances is that they're concealed and won't disrupt the overall setting or design of your utility or kitchen space. 
Built-in appliances also give you extra power source options. For instance, it's easier to mix and match built-in electric, ovens, and hobs than the freestanding utilities in the kitchen. 

Flipping on to second part of this blog seems to be quite alluring as our range of built-in appliances has however been fashioned keeping the needs of a contemporary kitchen in mind.

Elba by Fisher and Paykel -50 Hz assembled built- in oven
Built-in Oven 220-240 Volt, 50 Hz Whirlpool 
50 Hz Whirlpool - 220-240 Volt.
220-240 Volt, 50 Hz Built-in Oven 

Earlier its extensive use was for reheating food only, but now it is gaining fame for cooking mouth-watering and splendid meals within minutes. 

Right from making your favorite Maggi to preparing desserts, a delicious dishes-A microwave is something we can't do without.

On many occasions, the 'Oh-So-Important' appliance can be seen becoming a mini table and being used as a space to pile up things. Also, you definitely won't be delighted with that experience.

We hope this piece of write-up has made all our readers understand here, what a built-in microwave can do for you. Such utilities do not only save the space but also appends the element of beauty to your kitchen.

Thus, We at East West International always aim to make cooking a pleasant experience for you. 

To know more about our built-in oven appliances do not miss on visiting our website to see what's coming next and new from East West International.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Converters and Transformers

A 220 volts converter and transformer is a must-have for some electrical situations. Well, this blog will help you know better about the converters and transformers before you make them your electrical companion.

The very First thing: A converter and a transformer are not the same things at all! 

They work on different principles serve with different purposes. In this piece of content, we have what to consider before you seize a converter or transformer.

Let's begin;
  • Ensure whether Your Electrical Appliances Are Single Voltage
  • Prepare A List Of Everything You'll Need To Plug Into A Voltage Converter
  • Check Appliance Voltage
  • Look At The Outlets You'll Be Using
  • Check Your Appliance's Power Cord
  • Collect All Devices Which You Will Need to Power Off the Voltage Transformer
  • Get An Appropriate Power Strip If Necessary

Moving on, lets quickly glance over the benefits of using Electric transformers and converters


Classifying the word transformers they consist of Low and High voltage transformers.

  • Starting with Low voltage transformers- they are useful in society since they lessen the chances of humans suffering an electric shock. 
  • They act as an aid to keep electrical environments safe in both commercials as well as residential spaces. 

Secondly, High voltage transformers are on the significant level used in industrial zones for machinery using electrical energy. 

They are required for;

  • Power Supplies, 
  • CRT Displays, 
  • Medical Equipment, And Amplifiers. 

Moreover, High voltage transformers are the answer to stepping power up/down over long distance wires, in which they are utilized in isolation.

Advantages of power electric electronic converters are;

  • Mass Production -These devices are available in a variety of voltage and current ratings to choose from.
  • Reliable: As these devices don't come with mechanical moving parts, so chances of failure is less and offers long life and rugged performance.
  • No Maintenance required: Again, due to lack of mechanical moving parts, the power electronic systems entails almost nil maintenance.

Moreover, the converters outsourced at our East-West International online portal are fast, in comparison to electro-mechanical mechanism, and also offers way faster dynamic response.

Thus, if you are still not convinced to have one in your arena you dwell, have a look at our comprehensive array of East-West Converters and Transformers.     
  • Step Up and Step Down Transformers
  • Surge Protectors
  • Transformers (the U.S.A to Japan) OR (Japan to the U.S.A)
  • Travel Converters and Low Wattage Transformers
  • UPS System for Computers
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Line Regulators and Conditioners
  • Plug Adapters Extension Cords and Telephone Jacks

Wrap Up

The electrical perk which was once just a dream of the affluent budgetary home now can be a part of your mediocre budget as well.

For more range of converters and transformers never miss on checking our website Eastwest International, as we offer the best online price in the market, so that we can maintain our title of hundred percent customer-oriented solutions forever intact and serve uninterruptedly to all our customers in and across the USA.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Why East West International has an Ease of choosing the 220 Volt Appliances?

220 Volts Appliance - Eastwest International

Welcome to East West International- your one-stop-online house for 220V Electronic Appliances. Our objective is to offer our customers great brand names at implausibly low prices.

Moreover, we are a committed group of online 220 Volt appliances where the privacy and security of your personal information is maintained at all times — even during and after purchase.

We have set well -established high standards. As all personal information obtained from our customers is stored on independently monitored and certified safe hacker servers.

Well, isn't this enough to buy a 220 Volt appliance from East West International online site?

It's a feasible deal out there!

As we carry a complete line of 220-volt kitchen appliances, and other useful electronic products which will make you give the ease and comfort that you need for your home, office, or a fledging business.

Highlighted below are the 220 Volt other products our inventory is equipped with;
  • Air Purifiers 
  • Battery Chargers 
  • Christmas Lights  
  • Clock Radios Alarm Clock  
  • Desk Lamp  
  • Electric Insect Killers Roach Killer  
  • Emergency Flood Exit Lights Motion Detector 
  • Exercise Equipment  
  • Fans  
  • Fireplace  
  • Garment Steamer  
  • Generators  
  • Hair And Beauty Care 
  • Health Care Products  
  • Heaters And Radiators 
  • Humidifiers And Vaporizers  
  • Ironing Board 
  • Irons And Steam Press  
  • Light Bulbs Bulb Holders 
  • Night Lights  
  • Sewing Machines
  • Smoke Detectors 
  • Vacuum Cleaners And Shampoo Polishers 

The good news here is we guarantee the Lowest Prices on all of the commodities mentioned above.

We are dedicated in rendering the best service and quality on all of our products. East West International is one the leading distributors for all types of Electronic Goods, we assure the infrastructure to provide you nothing but the best in quality of products and after sales service as well.

We deal in 220 Volts household appliances and dual voltage goods for North America and overseas as well.

We guarantee very secure online purchase, checkout procedure, and simple navigation so that our customers may not face a hassle while ordering their favorite goods.

Providing Relocation Services and products

If you still have any questions about relocating your electronics, appliances we are all here to assist you with!

Nothing can beat our economical and fast shipping offers standard flat rates to any destination point within the United States. It usually takes 3 to 4 days only to deliver the order right at your doorstep.

Just give us a call us or browse the inventory if you need assistance; we have nearly, and our 24x7  knowledgeable and friendly sales representatives are ready to help to choose the perfect fit 220 Volt appliances which as per your exact requirement.

If you Find a Better price on such products elsewhere let us know, we'll beat it. Call Now: 877-658-8658/713-789-6611

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Why East West Countertop Appliances are the best?

Designed with your passion and love for food and cooking in mind, our countertop kitchen appliances feature exceptional blending, slicing, brewing mixing and more.

Find out how a comprehensive array of appliances at East West International countertop appliance inventory can come to the salvage in a pinch and even save some money on the energy bill!

Let's classify them into five categories
i) Blenders & Mixers
  • Juicers
  • Meat Grinders and Meat Slicers
  • Hand Blenders
  • Stand mixer
  • Hand Mixers

ii) Fryers
  • Deep fryers

iii) Smart Appliances
  • Electric knifes
  • Food Saver Vacuum bag
  • Grills Griddles Hot plates Skillets

iv) Processors and Steamers
  • Food processors
  • Food Steamers
  • Thermopots

v) Ready to serve Makers
  • Hot dispenser
  • Ice cream makers
  • Kettles
  • Popcorn makers
  • Rice cookers
  • Sandwich makers
  • Yogurt makers
  • Waffle pan cake makers
  • Tortilla Makers and Toaster

Moreover,- If you're a smoothie person, or drink a large amount of coffee or are a often hosts a party at home- The above mentioned 220-volt countertop appliances can definitely do the trick

As our lives seem to get busier and busier by the day, we may perhaps all use a little assistance saving time in the kitchen. These countertop appliances offer immense convenience without engaging much space. To make it more precise for our readers out there we have highlighted a few of the convenient factors below;


Majority of the electric appliances spotlights on saving time for consumers. Thermopots allow people to get boiled water in minutes, while kettles help them keep preserved hot.


Small kitchen appliances come in compatibility packages for people who do a lot of cooking. Appliances such as stoves, toasters, and electric can openers make cooking and life easier and convenient.

Ease of utilization

A few rounds of the coffee maker, juicers, few strokes of electric knives or a few pops of popcorn makers can help in serving edibles in minutes . Most of the countertop appliances are effortless and easy to use. Many other products only necessitate the user to press a button to make use of it.


Many electric devices are portable, such as hand-mixers, juicers that can be used in cars and also be carried when you for long vacation or outings.


Countertop appliances now come in an assortment of shapes and colors. This adds style to your kitchen when choosing such appliances.

Thus, as the innovation and commercial cooking technology which was once reserved for only restaurant kitchens is now available for your home; Directly from the inventory of East West International.

Do visit our website for more products and services on countertop appliances as we are constantly striving to keep the quality, and service of our products intact so that they are the best available to all our customers in and across the USA.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Things to consider before choosing the right Power Tool

Power tools are the most time-saving tools ever created. By using combustion or electricity, they can complete tasks which traditional tools could take the time or cannot do.

Power Tools are the type of tools that are powered/run by electricity. This type of devices is used for a variety of purposes, which include electricity, plumbing construction, and industrial jobs.

These tools are known to have multiple users in both industrial and home establishments.
Today in this particular blog we are going to discuss two aspects;

Firstly, before choosing such tools, what should you depend upon for your specific needs.
Secondly, what is power tools that East West International inventory is equipped with.

Let's start with the first part of it


Spending too much on an instrument is a clear waste of your company's dollars. And vice-versa spending too little could mean not getting precisely what you need. As tools pay for themselves in the work, they do for you.
Thus, when considering cost, try to discern between what you are spending and what you are receiving with the type of power tool you choose.


Of course, the essential thing to consider when choosing between different power tools is whether it has all of it what it takes to get the job done. Therefore, if you need to tighten a bolt, or cut through steel or machine- you will need a definite amount of force/torque.
And in such tasks choosing a tool for its convenience or cost won't do any good if it isn't well-built enough to get the mission accomplished.

Evaluate the need

How much of your day do you have a powerful tool in your hands? Different power tools offer an array of weights and grips. These aspects become increasingly important; the more hours you spend handling them. How you move around with the transition and how you utilize them.


Smart technology isn't finite to tablets and cell phones. Even your power tools are becoming more intelligent.

In recent years, the demand for power tools has amplified considerably. As a result, it have augmented the need for power tools online shopping.

Power tools do have their spot on construction sites and in homes, but they also come with their considerations and concerns. Tools are all about durability and long hours working,
Highlighting the second part of this content is all about the inventory of power tools. And they are;

A general rule of thumb

A general rule of thumb among all of these tools is that the corded models are best for colossal jobs or when surplus power is needed.

On the contrary, a DIY or looking to make speedy repairs can often suffice with a cordless model, but a professional may pick the corded model because they're more dependable in terms of consistency and power.

Final Insights

Every artisan and carpenter is always on the expedition for tools that are compact, durable, and versatile. And as technology has advanced, it has also changed the weight, design, and capabilities of every instrument.

Moreover, If you want to get your work done on time, and with limited effort, then it will be keen, you choose power tools over any other.

Thus, to meet the demands of our loyal consumers, we at East West International continue to offer our excellent range of power tools, while focusing its efforts on customer orientation.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Tips for choosing 220 Volts Multisystem Electronics

220 Volts multisystem electronics

Multi-system" is a term you will often get flashed in, with DVD players, TVs, and various other electronics products. This word chronicles a device's capability of working with multiple systems and demonstrates that they are more manageable and versatile than a regular electronic device.

In today's fast-paced world of travel and communication, we expect things to be as flexible and convenient as much as possible.

If there's a service or a product that makes our lives smooth and effortless, faster or more productive, you can be convinced that people will want it.

With Multi-system electronics being one of the leading markets around the globe, it's not truly a surprise that businesses and consumers alike are interested in the newest, most competent and most complete devices that money can buy.

While many people won't even make use of even a third of their electronics capabilities- it sounds a bit dramatic, but it's a fact, there are almost every one of us who generally squeeze every final drop of performance and capability out of our devices.

Multi-system technology grants people to get the most from their home electronics or personal devices when traveling abroad or moving overseas.

Enlisted below are few of the East west International Multi-system electronics product inventory
  • Camcorders Converters 
  • Multi-system
  • DVD Players Blu- Ray Players Multi-zone 
  • Stereo And Home Theater Systems
  • TVS LED LCD and Plasma And Multi-system
  • Video Projectors

Why should you choose multi-system electronics? Because they make your life effortless and easier? Multi-system technology lets you make the best use of its features of your smart TV and other gadgets anywhere.

You can watch your best-loved TV shows and movies without worrying about media compatibility and voltage. Because using the 220 Volts multisystem electronics won't hamper your leisure time.

Moving on, there are few elements to be implemented before you battle with your gray matter and decide to buy these Multi-systems.

How do you ensure that the multi-system electronics you want to purchase are worth investing in? Follow these tips.

Look for added/extra features

  • The modernized multi-system electronics have advanced features which combine functionality and increase the level of convenience. 
  • Multi-system DVD players and TVs can now stream video content from the internet. So always look for the one which serves as a Wi-Fi feature as it connects multiple devices wirelessly.

Buy from reliable brands

  • Aside from innovative attributes, buyers should also carefully check the build feature of their multi-system electronics. 
  • Only reputable brands can guarantee the durability and high-quality of their products. 
  • Though they may be a little pricey, but you can be rest assured that you can use them for a longer time.

Pick a trustworthy/credible online store

  • So that you don't get trapped/scammed by illegitimate online sellers, always do some research before buying?
  • Read their policies, online reviews, and check their websites for evidence about which they proclaim are credible and reliable.
  • As specialists in multi system electronics and 220-volts appliances East west International will help, you get rid of the worries about using your electronics and appliances overseas. 
  • Better and much better yet, we're the solitary retailer of such devices who guarantees the lowest prices across the territory. 

For more information on our products, our inventory visits our website Eastwest International today and places an order right away.

Experience the flexibility, speed, and convenience offered by multi system 220-volt electronics and never face annoying complications and compatibility again.